Honey face mask

My skin
is a bit drier. When I was a teenager I never had not even a single pimple, which, and I though I was so lucky, because if nothing else (you know insecurities and other serious children “diseases”) at least I had a clean face, while my friends suffered from a acne prone skin.
Well, people with a bit oilier skin, in ages when it becomes essential (for a women), they don’t  easily get wrinkles. For us with drier skin, we need to have a tactics 🙂
Especially if you go regularly to the pool, and chlorine destroys skin!

So I wanted to help my skin, to be youthful and elastic for a long as it can, so few years back I started to read on the internet about skin aging, to see if I can find some easy and helpful recipes

On a fall, I take more care about my face (I use toners, cleaning creams etc).

But, my goal is to find the best possible replacement in nature, rather than to put various chemicals from face creams and stuff.

So one day I found out that honey (which I always have in my house) is amazing for hair, face, etc…

There are various ways how to use it and I chose the simplest a once in a week I wash my face (with some medical stuff for a sensitive skin (there’s a bunch of good companies that make products for sensitive skin, so I would recommend it before than a soap but i also plan to replace it), that tap a face with a towel, because we do not have to rub the face skin), I take a concealer brush (or fingers) and apply a honey on your face! If you can find organic honey, that would be great, if not try some 100% pure honey, from the store.

I leave it for a 20 minutes or so, wash after that with a warm water and use right after that moisturizer (I use some moisture cream with goat milk).
There are plenty of honey recipes for your face, ones recommended to wash every night with honey  every night dab some honey on your face and do not keep more than a few minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water.
This precious liquid gold, helps calm the irritation of the skin, it is antibacterial and heals chapped skin. Of course, moisturizes the skin and prevents wrinkling.
You can also put it on your hair but this I didn’t tired yet. 

(This is a first time I write on English for a blog so sorry if I sound grammatically bad :D)



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